Showing Consultation

A showing consultation is one hour of a certified professional home inspector’s time. The purpose of this consultation is to give you peace of mind and insight into submitting an offer on a potential home. We focus on big ticket items such as the roof, exterior, HVAC systems, structural components, and water intrusion. This is not a full home inspection and no photos or report will be generated. We encourage our clients to come to the showing armed with questions, a camera, and a means of taking notes. This is your opportunity to pick our brains and extract as much information as possible to make an educated offer. Although we encourage a full home inspection, we want to help alleviate some anxiety while making an offer, and believe a showing consultation will do just that. As always, we want to be your inspectors for life, so if you utilize our services feel free to reach out with any home owner questions or concerns you may have now or in the future!